Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost weekend tidbits

Here it is, Saturday night already, and I feel like I haven't done a thing all weekend. I have plans for tomorrow, so I can't even lie to myself and say I'll do everything that I planned to do today tomorrow. Why can't every weekend be a three-day weekend? I need one day just to decompress.

Other people's dreams usually make boring stories, but this one is short: I dreamed I was tired of being responsible for my life, so I decided to let someone else drive for a while, but there was no one else in the car with me.

Reminds me of the following dream: I was trying to fill my car up with gas, but the nozzle kept shutting off. I asked myself, What if my tank is full and I just don't know it?

Very koan-like, huh?

I decided to copy one of Toni's experiments and buy only essential items (food, gasoline, electricity, etc.) until March 1. It's not due to the economy per se, but because I went over budget on house renovations last year. I was hoping to have rebuilt (ha!) some of my savings by now, but in January I actually lost more ground. The question is, what can be classified as "essential"? I manned up and started trimming the dog's claws myself, but are we agreed that expressing anal glands calls for a professional? I thought so.

Something that is going around the blog world is daily listings of "grace in small things". I am usually too crabby to take much notice, but occasionally I do feel blessed. Like when my neighbors clear my driveway after a heavy snow.

When 3carnations posted about locking the bathroom door and SundryMourning wrote about hemorrhoids, their comment stats went through their respective roofs (rooves?) How about a related question? Besides trying a variety of non-surgical solutions, my stepmother has had two operations for urinary incontinence. Nothing has worked. I don't know much about incontinence and I hope I never need to, so my question is, Is there a way to prevent it? And I'm not asking just to juice my stats.

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flurrious said...

Kegel exercises. Although I find them annoying.