Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy anniversary to us

No, not a blog anniversary.  Nor a wedding anniversary.  But a ten year anniversary, none the less.  My SO and I have been dating for ten years.  And he still brings me flowers.

No, we don't live together.  We thought about it, talked about it, and decided we like things just the way they are.  Ditto marriage.  Why ruin a good thing?

We met online, back when some dating sites were still free.  From his emails, I thought he was dark and brooding.  The first telephone call dispelled that myth.  We met for breakfast at the now-defunct Canterbury House.  I ordered the Hoosier Breakfast and cleaned my plate; he barely ate anything.  I had to let that go.

We started a conversation over that breakfast ten years ago, and haven't stopped talking since.

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