Friday, May 20, 2011

I feel dumb

When I purchased my Nook, I also became a member of Barnes & Noble's "club".  (It was free, or I paid $25 for the membership and the price of the Nook was reduced by $25, or something like that.)  Later, when I wanted to register my membership number on, I could not find my membership card.  In fact, I had no memory of receiving a membership card.  I looked in my wallet, my purse, the little orange pouchI use for all my other customer cards, but could not find it.  I concluded I had never received it, and sent B&N an email requesting my card.  They sent me a new card, with a new number, which I registered.  Fine. 

Last night, while buying pet food, I rummaged around for my Pet Supplies Plus customer card and found... the original B&N membership card. 

On my way home from Pet Supplies Plus, I passed a gas station and noticed that regular was below $4 per gallon.  I decided to fill up at the Marathon near my house.  A few blocks later, while waiting at a traffic light, I had the feeling there was some place I wanted to stop on my way home, but could not remember where.  The grocery story?  The library?  Then I glanced at the BP station to my left, saw that regular was below $4 per gallon, and remembered.

And don't get me started on names and faces!

This kind of stuff happens to me all the time.  Part of the problem is my sedentary job - on weekends, when I am more active, I feel much more astute.  Part of the problem is I move through my days in a haze - same ol' same ol', lather, rinse, repeat.  I'm getting to that age where a headache is a brain tumor, indigestion an impending heart attack, and forgetfulness the onset of Alzheimers.  Re the latter, denial is a good thing, because really, what are you going to do about it?

Now, pardon me while I go do a crossword puzzle.  If I can find a pen.  And my glasses.  Which are on my face.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Resolutions - April recap

No real progress in April.  I caught a bad cold that suppressed my appetite, but if I did not eat, I felt lightheaded; then when I started to feel better, I also felt ravenous.  Meditation went out the window, but I was more active despite my illness.  Pluses and minuses.  And so it goes.

This past week I was on a business trip, which is usually an opportunity to overeat, but I did okay even though Monday turned into cookie day.  Also, I ordinarily eat a lot of nuts and avoid carbs in the form of bread and pasta, but on this trip, that was reversed.  I rarely felt hungry and even though it seemed like I was eating a lot, did not gain any weight.  I must rethink my nut-laden ways.

The hip problem that I reported in the March recap is better.  My massage therapist targeted two muscles she thought might be the culprits - the psoas and something else that begins with p - and while I am not 100% cured, there was significant improvement.  Tomorrow I get another massage, so we'll work on them again.  Deep tissue massage is not an instantaneous cure-all, but it does keep the aches and pains to a minimum.

Does anyone know anything about raw milk?  I find there is a nearby source.  There is a "call out" to gauge interest.  I will go to see what it is all about.  I find that a lot of foods I loved as a child don't taste very good anymore, and milk is one of them.  We used to get milk delivered to our doors, practically right from the cow.  Now who knows where it comes from, or how far (especially organic milk), or what the cows are fed.

And speaking of food, I am reading (on my Nook!) Blood, Bones, and Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton.  She owns a restaurant in NYC, and the book describes her journey through food and the food industry.  Very interesting and very well written.