Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Night at the Movies

By Friday, I am done. I curse profusely at the least little irritant, tears well up over the silliest things, and anything attempted is doomed to frustrating failure, all because instead of being thankful it's Friday, I am already angry that Monday arrives in two days. What a good night to watch a movie!

Confession time: I watched "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." as a tween (I even got David McCallum's autograph!) And I also watched the other spy-related series, including "Get Smart" the television show. I also like stupid movies and sight gags, so it was only natural that I should rent "Get Smart" the movie.

I expected to snicker and I did. I expected to laugh out loud and I did. I expected to lose myself for a couple of hours and I did. It helped that I was familiar with the television series but forgetful enough not to recall all the details. And the movie was kind enough to include references to the series without beating me over the head with them.

The characters are not exactly complex but they are portrayed as being more than two dimensional. Max is a former fatty who dances with the morbidly obese woman at a party (who tells him he is light on his feet). Agent 99's identity was compromised, so she had plastic surgery, wistfully noting that she used to look like her mother. Max protests "Am I invisible?!?" when repeatedly bumped on the street. Agent 99 kicks a former lover in the face for suggesting that she is not feminine.

No surprises, but all in all, a pleasant and entertaining way to while away what is usually a pissy evening in this household. Thanks for the endorphins, Max!

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