Thursday, January 22, 2009

My inner child is a brat

I haven't been posting lately because I have been in such a funk that everything I wrote sounded like a big whi-i-ine. I'm feeling perkier today, so I thought I'd better post while the posting is good.

No big reason for my funk - just my job. I have been at my current employer for eleven years. My MO when I start a new job is to stick it out for one year, then decide whether I am staying. Then at each anniversary, I again consciously make the decision to stay or go. I hated this job from the start, but after one year I was working on something somewhat interesting, so I stayed. After two years, I started interviewing outside the company but then was able to change departments, so again I stayed. For the next two years, I was relatively content, but then we were sold. I hung around, waiting to be severed, but it never happened. Then I hung around just to see what would happen next. Then I hung around long enough to qualify for early retirement. Now I am hanging around to grow my pension and pay off my house. Also, I can't make this kind of money anywhere else around here. And the benefits are great. I feel like I cannot walk away, especially in the current economic climate. Some days I am grateful to have a job, other days I feel trapped.

Today was a pretty good day, though. I figured out the solution to a problem I've been battling for days, may get to attend out-of-town training, and won two free tickets to a local production of "The Glass Menagerie". Instead of going to yoga, I practiced at home, ate leftover Chinese for supper, and caught up on some housework and petwork (cage cleaning and claw trimming). Now I am going to knit a bit and read a bit and go to bed. Some days, this is enough.

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