Thursday, November 20, 2008

What To Do, What To Do

I like lists. Even better, I like checking items off my lists. I like checking items off my lists so much that sometimes that is all the motivation I need to tackle an onerous task.

Samples of my lists:
    Things to do
  • laundry
  • vacuum
  • pay bills
  • watch movie (sadly, I have to remind myself to do this)
  • scoop litter box
  • pick up dog poop
  • clean rabbit cage (do we detect a theme here?)

    Places to go
  • Target
  • Goodwill (things I buy at Target frequently eventually end up here)
  • ATM
  • local yarn store (ATM first, then LYS - this is very important)
  • yoga
  • grocery (because I am really hungry after yoga)

    People to see
  • financial planner
  • vet
  • insurance agent
  • vet
  • hair dresser
  • vet (hmmm, another theme)

What's on your list?

1 comment:

flurrious said...

Except for a super-interesting list I may write as my next blog post, I'm not really much of a list person. I make shopping lists because the instant I walk into a store, my mind becomes a giant sieve, and without a list I would wonder why I was there. And I also keep a list of all the books and movies I own or have read or seen. But I never write To Do lists. Even thinking about writing a To Do list makes me tired.