Sunday, November 02, 2008

If I Could Turn Back Time

Curmudgeon that I am, I find it easier to think of things I do not like than things I like. One thing I totally abhor is Daylight Savings Time, so today I am happy, as we are back to "real" time.

For decades, Indiana was one of the few states that did not participate in DST, and I liked that. I liked being different and I liked not being inconvenienced. I did not realize how much my body liked not having to adjust.

I grew up in states that practiced DST and don't recall having any difficulty with it. Now it is a problem. My older brother, who likes DST because in the summer it stays light until 10PM, giving him more sailing time, says I am unevolved. My SO says I'm a highly sensitive person (in a good way). I try to tell myself to just get over it.

One of my co-workers lived in California for 13 months a while back. He remained on Indiana time the entire time he was there, which he thought was great. He had plenty of time to do things in the morning before work, like exercise. He is not a fan of DST, either.

The big question I have is, If DST is so great, why don't we stay on it year round?

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