Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of your weekend

Bumper sticker on a car with Colorado plates:  Honk if you think I'm Jesus.

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Have you seen that commercial on TV where someone calls customer service and talks to a burly man with a Slavic accent named "Peggy"?  Well, yesterday I received an email from someone on our help desk in Bangalore whose last name is "Johnson".

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We have new recycling service here in the Fort.  No longer will we have to separate our recyclables into paper and aluminum-glass-plastic1&2.  And there's more:  plastic 3-7 will also be accepted.  The two small bins we have had to lug up and down our driveways will be replaced with a single big bin on wheels.  I don't have the new big bin yet, and force of habit led me to separate my recyclables, but when they picked them up this week, I watched.  Yes, they took it all, including the plastic-5 containers, and they threw it all together into the truck.  I watched the sanitation worker bend and lift and toss while trying to maintain his footing in the snow and ice, and I was glad I work in a clean well-lighted place.

Speaking of Hemingway, I recently read A Moveable Feast which he wrote about his years in Paris.  It's been a long time since I read any Hemingway, like maybe 35 or 40 years?  His style appeals to me - no flourishes, no extra padding, adjectives and adverbs being the enemies of that one true sentence.

Last night I finished Shadow of a Doubt, by William J. Coughlin.  It's a courtroom-centered murder mystery, the type of book I usually save for "beach reading" (even though I never go to the beach).  Winter reading should center on more weighty topics, like How to Live.  I just started this book by Sarah Bakewell; it's a biography of the original essayist Montaigne.

What are you reading on these cold winter nights?


flurrious said...

I'm reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. When the comprehensive edition with all deleted passages restored was published, I bought a copy thinking it would be a good time to reread it. That was 14 years ago which means I have packed up the book and moved it five times. Now, with the current controversy over the new edited edition coming out, I thought I would finally get around to rereading it. I'm only about ten chapters in, and I've realized that I've never read it before.

Ann said...

In the past month, I've read:
Dog Boy by Eva Hornung
Winter's Bone (forgot the author's name, took almost two months on a waiting list @ library!)- a scary read, these are some REALLY hard folks!
The Corner of His Eye, Dean Koontz
Stemapunk Trilogy (still working on "Walt & Emma")
And a couple of others that apparently didn't make enough of an impression on me for me to remember them! But, I did read A Moveable Feast just this past October, and found it vaguely refreshing.