Monday, December 26, 2011

Nooking Netflix

As you may recall, a while back I tried to treat myself to an iPad but settled for a Nook instead. In general, I have been satisfied with that decision, as I am not cool enough for any Apple products and, until I deleted the app, found I was using my Nook primarily to play Solitaire.

But now the coolness factor of the Nook has gone up a notch. With the release of the 1.4.1 update to their operating system, I can stream Netflix content. I spent xmas morning upgrading my device and checking out the Netflix app, and am pleased to report that watching Law & Order on the Nook in my lap is not a whole lot different that watching it on my 42" TV from across the room. So now I am eager to go on a business trip, just so I can do something besides surf channels and knit in my hotel room.

I also checked out some of the new apps available for the Nook (careful to stay away from the adictive games). Several of the ones I already owned had upgrades, but I also purchased "Garden Tender", "Simple Shopping List", and "Journal". I have a habit of carrying a Moleskine and a calendar in my purse (because I am too cheap for a smart phone and my dumb phone is too dumb), but am also in the habit of making lists ad nauseum, both in the Moleskine and on sticky notes, then losing track of just what I wanted to accomplish. I also have old Moleskines and calendars lying around, which is sometimes useful but mostly is just clutter. At work, I have managed to eliminate my paper usage by keeping information on my laptop; maybe I can do the same in my real life, by using my Nook for more than to weigh down my purse.

And that continues to be my main complaint about the Nook: its weight. Otherwise, it is cool enough for me.

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