Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's hell getting old

I didn't make it to the post office to get a passport because I slept in Saturday morning, and when I did get up, decided I did not feel like going anywhere. Plus I had one of those ice-pick-up-the-nose-and-behind-the-eye kind of headaches. The headache hung around all weekend, then was joined by a pinched nerve I acquired during yoga Sunday afternoon. And yesterday I developed a bladder infection. *sigh*

In the not so distant past, my bladder infections were run-of-the-mill: classic symptoms that could usually be flushed away by drinking gallons of water. Now they start out with a systemic reaction to the infection (exhaustion and maybe chills), and only later do some telltale symptoms appear. Meanwhile, I've missed the window of opportunity for successful water treatment and have to resort to antibiotics.

Two issues arise. One, I feel too sick to go to work, but because I don't have any real symptoms, I also feel like a malingerer. Two, I hate my doctor but I don't know how to "divorce" him.

Regarding the first issue, if The Powers That Be would provide me with a laptop instead of a desktop, I could dial in from home when I'm sick and at least respond to emails. I don't know what one has to do to qualify for a laptop, but it seems like almost everyone at work has one except me.

And as for the other issue, not liking my doctor means I'm not likely to make an appointment for minor ailments, which is a good thing. But sometimes I worry that I won't call him when I should. He is part of a large citywide practice with multiple locations, so if I moved to another part of town, they would change my doctor, no questions asked. But moving seems a bit drastic for what amounts to my own temerity.

Besides, I'm just a malingerer who doesn't deserve a doctor with rapport.

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flurrious said...

I'm a bad breaker-upper in these situations as well, but if you feel like you're not going to the doctor when you need to, you should definitely ask for someone else. Maybe you could say you'd prefer a woman doctor; they probably wouldn't question that. And if that's not possible, a vague, "it's not a good fit," might work.