Friday, February 03, 2012

So what else is new?

The doctor's office called about my cholesterol today. Still highish, but since there seems to be a loss of continuity in my chart from changing doctors, they first recommend diet and exercise, with repeat tests in six months. I tend to be more active March to November and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables then, too, so I don't see a problem with this. No results on the ultrasound yet.

I almost did not answer the phone when they called because caller ID showed the caller as "unavailable". The number was local, though, so I did pick up. Recently, I have been getting a ton of unsolicited phone calls from "card holder services". These used to be recorded messages, but lately it sounds like so-called human beings are placing the calls. I don't pick up the phone, but my voice mail is frequently activated, and if a message is recorded, it is usually, "Hello?" My telephone number has been on the National Do Not Call Registry since 1993, but only recently have I started reporting these calls.

Maybe I should resort to social media to shame these callers into finding another way to make a living. After all, it worked on Susan G. Komen and the National Wildlife Federation.

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flurrious said...

I've been getting a weekly recorded message from a company that wants to clean my air ducts for a "suggested donation of $29.99." I can press 1 to schedule an appointment or 2 to be placed on their do not call list. I assume that if I press either 1 or 2, my call gets redirected to a 900 number and a gigantic charge shows up my next phone bill. So as far as I'm concerned they can keep calling me and I'll keep sitting here breathing dust and listening to the phone ring.