Monday, October 18, 2010

I hate it already

I was one of the few people anxious to leave my cubicle behind, but I'm not impressed with my pod and its accouterments.  Here is my list of wah-wah: 

  • It is freezing in here.  And when it is not, it feels clammy. 
  • My desk top is covered with cables.  And a keyboard I can't use because... 
  • My keyboard is not the same one I had before.  This one sucks.  And sticks.  And skips. 
  • My primary headset is missing, but I doubt it would work with my new phone because... 
  • My secondary headset does not work with my new phone. 
  • The monitors had loose cables, something I did not discover until I had opened a help desk ticket.  That means when "they" hooked up the equipment, they did not check to see if it worked. 
  • Two of the three shelves in the pods are inaccessible unless one crawls under the desk. 
  • I lowered the desk to a height comfortable for typing and now the file cabinet does not fit under it.  I notice that a lot of people have raised their chairs instead of lowering their desks.  If I do that, my feet fall asleep. 
  • Hanging file folders do not fit in the provided frames unless one makes a slight "modification" - i.e. yanks out the crossbars. 
  • There is something hinky about the power to my pod, but now that it seems to be working, I don't want to mess with it. 
  • For some reason, a printer/copier has been located right behind me, and it is LOUD.  And why are people printing stuff?!?  Since all our documents are online, we could be a paperless office if only people would Just.  Stop.  Printing. 
  • The large magnetic clip provided is not strong enough to actually hold anything on the cloth-covered metal pod wall. 
  • Where are the trays we were promised?  Not that I need one, being all paperless and such.  Plus, there is no place to put it except on one of those inaccessible shelves.  Or on top of the unused keyboard. 
  • Only four speed-dial numbers allowed on the phone?  Seriously?  Better than our last phones, though, which had NONE. 
  • The "new office" smell gives me a headache. 
Other observations: 
  • There are twelve parking spaces next to the building for hybrid cars.  Eleven of those spots were filled this morning. 
  • My neighbor across the way has the right idea:  low expectations.  So, when asked, he says the pods are better than he expected. 
  • The chairs are not too bad, although they seem to be missing the adjustable lumbar support option.  I may need a small pillow. 
  • Each floor has an ice/water machine in its "pantry" but so far, no ice.  And refrigerators but no microwaves.  Today the cafeteria ran out of take-out containers.  It seems eating at one's desk is being passively discouraged. 
  • To get an outside line, one dials '9'.  To get long distance, one dials '9-1'.  In an emergency, one dials '9-1-1'.  When one accidentally dials '9-1-1' the impulse is to hang up.  Guess how many times the police have shown up today because of 9-1-1 calls followed by a disconnect. 
  • There are 52 steps from the first floor to the third.  I need the exercise because... 
  • Free breakfast and lunch = overeating.  Thankfully, that is a one-day only thing, but the cafeteria now offers ice cream.  Curses.

The BigMove has been surprisingly stressful.  I need a nap. 

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flurrious said...

Man, I'm so far behind. So I will merely say that I'm glad Betsy is better and that I have no idea what a pod is. I'm picturing you sitting in a big egg.