Sunday, May 02, 2010


  • While driving to work the other day, I noticed a small yellow plane flying surprisingly low.  It flew in and out of my line of sight, until I reached work, where the plane was barely clearing our new building.  I asked the security guard what was going on.  He said they were spraying for gypsy moths.
  • I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but what do you do when small yellow planes are raining crap from the sky?  They say it should be harmless, but also recommend we stay inside.
  • According to the HAPLR Index, our local library system is in the top ten for communities its size.  That does not surprise me.  
  • When I contemplate moving somewhere else, I wonder what the library system would be like.  Now I can consult this list.  
  • I'm surprised at how many of the top libraries are in the Midwest.  Or maybe I shouldn't be.
  • I can now stream movies from Netflx over my FIOS to my laptop and onto my TV.  I watched "Run Granny Run" the other night, just to test it out.  (I gave this movie 3 stars.)
  • Friday night I tested the subtitles on my new TV by watching "Coco before Channel".  (Another 3-star movie.)
  • Right now I am listening to The Postmistress on CD.  After disk 1, my interest was waning, but gave disk 2 a try and got sucked in.
  • I write better than I talk, so I like using SameTime to communicate with co-workers.  It's a chat tool built into Lotus Notes.  I can also see when they are away from their desks or in a meeting or do not wish to be disturbed.
  • All I want to eat are burgers and fries.  And drink Coke.  Not that I do, but I want to.

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