Friday, March 02, 2007

Pet Peeves: Other Drivers

I69 runs around the west side of our fair city, and a good portion of it is 6 lanes, 3 going in each direction. I like to drive in the middle lane, away from the on/off ramp traffic, and I drive about 5 miles over the speed limit. So I'm not exactly poking along. So why, oh why, does someone (usually a guy, usually in a big truck or SUV) who is in a big hurry roars up behind me, then sits on my tail, trying to bully me into driving faster or moving over, even though both lanes on either side of us are clear of any traffic and the guy could easily, easily change lanes a pass me?

Another puzzlement: three lanes going in one direction, right? Originally, I thought the slowest drivers would use the right lane, the medium drivers the middle lane, and the speed demons the left lane. I gave up on that idea because most people, regardless of their average speed, prefer the middle lane. Ok. I can accept that. But why does someone move to the left lane, then travel the same speed as the driver in the middle lane, who sometimes is also going the same speed as the guy in the right lane? Two lanes going the same speed I can accept, annoying as it is. But if you are in the left lane, aka the FAST lane, then by God you better go

Of course, if everyone drove like me, it would be a perfect world out there on I69.

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Calla said...

You write very well.