Monday, November 27, 2006


I know, I'm a little behind in my movie-watching.

This release of "Reds" is the 25th anniversary edition, on DVD. I missed it the first time around, although I vaguely recall it received some negative press (and yet won two Oscars out of 12 nominations). And I vaguely recall some of my Socialist friends commenting on it, probably because they did not appreciate Reed's disillusionment with the Revolution. So I was prepared to be somewhat disappointed.

But I liked the movie! A lot! I liked Warren Beatty as John Reed and Diane Keaton as Louise Bryant. I loved the wrinkles of the "witnesses" and I liked their commentary and I liked the juxtaposition of their commentary with the story. The story itself is engrossing and well-paced. Despite the length, I never grew restless.

There were quite a few "name" actors - Jack Nicholson as Eugene O'Neill, Maureen Stapleton as Emma Goldman, Gene Hackman, Edward Herrmann, Paul Sorvino, Max Wright, George Plimpton, etc. - and they looked so young! But check out some of the hairpieces.

I have to admit I am impressed with what Beatty wrought. So, what has he been up to lately?

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